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Our Board

A key role of the Board is to ensure high standards of corporate governance exist within our organisation.

To achieve this, the Board focuses on:

  • developing a culture of accountability across all areas of the business;
  • developing strategies for implementation by our management team;
  • ensuring appropriate policies are in place for all areas of the organisation; and
  • providing effective guidance and leadership for staff.

The Board is able to achieve this through:

  • a high level of reporting to the Board and stakeholders;
  • fostering a culture of corporate governance, compliance and accountability; and
  • identifying and pursuing opportunities for improvement.

Our Board 

Portrait of Chairman Richard McDowellRichard McDowell - DBus. (Accounting), FCA, CTA, Reg. Tax Agent and Reg. Company Auditor, MAICD, (Board Chairman - Appointed 2007)

Appointed October 2007.   Richard is a semi-retired Chartered Accountant and was a principal of a Gippsland accounting firm for over 37 years. He also holds directorships and is involved with financial management in a number of private companies. For more than 20 years Richard has contributed to the Victorian water industry through his previous role as Deputy Chairman of East Gippsland Water and his Chairman role of audit committees and remuneration committees of both East Gippsland Water and Gippsland Water. He has also been Audit Committee Chairman for two Gippsland councils, two hospitals, and the Gippsland Ports Authority. Richard had his family home in Maffra for almost 40 years before recently moving to be closer to children and grandchildren. He has two adult daughters and three grandchildren and has been an active member of many Gippsland community groups.


Portrait of Director Peter Day

Peter Day - LLB, M Admin., FCPA, FCA, GAICD

Appointed October 2008.   Peter has a background in finance and general management in mining, manufacturing, food and financial services industries, as well as a number of public interest areas. His last executive role was as Chief Financial Officer for the global packaging group Amcor.

He is a former Chairman of the Australian Accounting Standards Board and was Deputy Chairman of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. He is currently a director of a number of ASX-listed companies.

Sarah Cumming - B.A., LLB (Hons), EMBA

Appointed October 2011.   Sarah is a lawyer and has an Executive MBA. She is the Executive Manager, and currently acting General Manager Corporate Services at Latrobe City Council. Sarah’s expertise is in governance, strategic advice, business solution design, business transformation and implementing regulatory reform. She has previously held a range of senior management positions at the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) covering the areas of registry compliance, public information, data integrity, major projects, including being ASIC's Business Lead for Data Migration on the National Business Names project. Sarah was previously a Litigation Lawyer with Slater and Gordon with expertise in personal injuries and employment law. Sarah has a Bachelor of Arts (ANU), Bachelor of Law (Honours) (ANU), and a Master of Business Administration (Executive) (Mt Eliza/Melbourne Business School) and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Sarah lives in Gippsland and has a strong interest in the local community.

Malcolm Eccles, MSc, CEng, MIET, MAICD, MCMI

Appointed October 2011.   Malcolm is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of the Basslink Group (2007 – current). The group owns power and telecoms transmission assets. He was previously Basslink’s Assets and Operations Director (2005-2007). Malcolm previously held various senior engineering and management roles for Siemens Power Services (2002-2005) and British Nuclear Fuels Ltd (1986- 2002). He is a non-executive Director of City Gas Pte Ltd in Singapore (2011-current), which is the largest gas retailer in the country with more than 700,000 commercial, industrial and residential customers. He is also a Director and Executive Committee member of the International Cable Protection Committee (2007-current). Malcolm has international management experience having led projects and operations  in Europe, USA, Asia and Australia. Malcolm has a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Management Studies.  He is a Chartered Electrical Engineer (CEng), a member of the Institute of Engineering Technology (UK), a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (US) and a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (UK). Malcolm has also completed an Advanced Management Program at Henley Business School and the Australian Institute of Company Directors course.

Ms Leonie Hemingway

Appointed October 2012.   Leonie Hemingway, until this year was a self employed consultant providing strategic services to government, business and not-for-profit organisations.  Ms Hemingway has a background in local, State and Federal government.  She is chair of 2012 IDSF World DanceSport Championships Standard Management Committee, a panel member for Geographic Place Names Advisory Panel, Ambassador for Open Family Australia/Whiteline and Director Australian International Opera Awards and is Deputy Chair of The Growth Areas Authority (GAA).

Ormond Pearson (Deputy Chair)

Appointed October 2012.   Ormond’s career includes 30 years’ experience as a chief executive officer of public health services in rural and regional South Australia and Victoria. Ormond recently resigned as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of West Gippsland Healthcare Group, having worked previously as CEO with Colac Community Health Service, Barmera District Hospital (SA) and Kingston SM Hospital (SA). Ormond now works as a part time consultant/ locum CEO and is a Director of Latrobe Health Services. Ormond holds a Bachelor Degree of Health Science Management and is a fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, the Australian Institute of Management, and the Institute of Public Accountants.

Bernadette Hannagan

Appointed October 2013.    Bernadette was the General Manager, General Merchandise for Target Australia (2012 – 2013). Ms Hannagan was previously a senior manager with Pacific Brands Ltd (2001 – 2009) as Group General Manager (2007 – 2009) and General Manager, Pacific Brands Asia (2006 – 2007). She is a member of the Advisory Committee for the Bachelor of Fashion Apparel Design and Engineering at Holmesglen Institute of TAFE. Ms Hannagan has a Bachelor of Business, has completed the Australian Institute of Company Directors course and has undertaken leadership management programs.

Portrait of Managing Director David Mawer

David Mawer, Managing Director.   Dip.M, MSM, MBA,FAIM

David has extensive international private and public sector experience in senior executive roles in electricity, gas and water utilities, including national industry deregulation.

Previously the Managing Director of Westernport Water, he is a former State Manager for BHP Billiton. A metallurgist, David is also a former director of the NSW gas market regulator. David is also a Director of SaveWater Alliance.

Board Meetings
NOTE: The Board Meeting Summary Document is not the official record of the Board Meeting.  Formal Meeting minutes are prepared and presented to the Board for endorsement at the next Board Meeting.

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