Who we are and who we serve

Serving a growing region

Who we are

We are Gippsland Water. We are also known officially as the Central Gippsland Region Water Corporation.

We serve an estimated population of 164,034. We supply clean drinking water to over 75,662 households and businesses, and wastewater services to 68,092 households and businesses across 43 towns and communities. 

We maintain a $1.7 billion infrastructure network which includes more than 2,200 km of water mains, 15 water treatment plants, over 1,800 km of wastewater mains and 14 wastewater treatment plants.

See a detailed list of services provided in each location.

How we operate

We’re a regional Victorian water corporation established under the Water Act 1989 (Vic) and constituted on 21 December 1994. 

We operate under a Board of Directors appointed by the Minister for Water.  We’re regulated by the Essential Services Commission (ESC), the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Change Action (DEECA), Department of Health (DoH) and the Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA).

How we're funded

We’re funded by our customers and do not make a profit.

The maximum prices for our water and sewerage services are set through our Price Submission which is approved by the ESC. As part of the submission we develop a financial model, which includes:

  • our expected operating costs
  • how much we’ll spend on capital projects and programs
  • how long we expect our assets (infrastructure) to last
  • how much money we may need to borrow
  • the predicted demand for our water and sewerage services.

We use this financial model to work out the prices we need to charge for our services.

Our charges are designed to help cover the cost of maintaining and upgrading our water and sewerage infrastructure, together with delivering our water and sewage services. 

Our service area

Our service area covers over 5,000 square kilometres and stretches from Drouin in the west to Loch Sport in the east, and from Mirboo North in the south to Rawson and Briagolong in the north.

Map of our service area.
Our service area.