Sponsorship guidelines

We're proud to provide permanent drinking fountains to help visitors to parks, grounds, schools and community spaces enjoy fresh drinking water.

1. Types of sponsorship

We offer four main categories of sponsorship:

Drinking fountain sponsorship program

Support available: A permanent drinking fountain.

We’ll donate the drinking fountain only. Installation and ongoing costs must be covered by the organisation which manages the location. (This is usually negotiated with the relevant local council or a committee of management.)

In-kind support including:

  • Merchandise such as water bottles, stress balls and reusable bags.*
  • Provision of technical expertise from within the organisation to assist with a specific short term project or event.
  • Provision of water and compost at reduced or no cost.*

Portable water fountains - use of our portable water foundations for your event.*

Partnerships with agencies on projects with common objectives.

*Note: limits or conditions may apply.

2. Sponsorship Criteria

For a sponsorship application to be considered, it must occur and provide community benefit within our service area, and meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Does the organisation, project or event meet at least one of the five focus areas: Water, water conservation, water and wastewater education, the environment, public health, or community wellbeing?
  • Does the organisation, project or event provide avenues to promote our objectives of supporting and benefiting the wellbeing of our community?
  • Does the organisation, project or event align with our values and our vision for a healthy and sustainable Gippsland?
  • Is the organisation, project or event open or available to the wider community?

We won’t support sponsorships that align with:

  • Delivery or replacement of core government services.
  • Donations for fundraising teams or individuals for charity.
  • Retrospective funding or budget deficits.
  • Political campaigns or groups seeking support for personal interests.
  • Events that discriminate adversely against any persons, organisations or groups.
  • Activities that have a co-sponsor supplying bottled water to either the project or the wider community or co-sponsors whose values don't align with our values.
  • Projects which conflict with Government Policy or objectives.
  • Organisations supportive of or with visible links to tobacco, gaming, alcohol or drug-related issues.
  • Requests that do not comply with the Information Privacy Act 2000.

3. Eligibility

Sponsorship and community support will only be provided to not-for-profit organisations within our service area who have an Australian Business Number (ABN) or are an incorporated body.

Your project or activity must be located or held within our region: View our service area map.

4. Applications

To ensure your application is fairly assessed, all applications will be considered against the Sponsorship Criteria using the information provided in your application.

Financial support applications

Financial support applications will not be considered. The drinking fountain sponsorship program replaces our previous Community Support Program and through this program we now offer permanent drinking fountains only.

In-kind support

Applications for merchandise/product/expertise will be considered as they are received throughout the year and must be submitted online using the In-kind support application form.

Portable water fountains

Applications will be considered as they are received throughout the year and must be submitted online using the Portable water fountains application form.


We partner with agencies on projects with common objectives. Sponsorship opportunities proposed to, or initiated by us on projects with shared objectives will be negotiated under a separate agreement. Consideration of unsolicited proposals will include:

  • Relevancy to the business.
  • Competency of the proposer to deliver proposal.
  • If due to scale of the proposal, whether EOI/tenders should be considered (unless proposal involves commercial in confidence/intellectual property issues).
  • Proposal is consistent with the requirements of the Code of Conduct for Victorian Public Sector Employees.

5. Information for all applicants

Budget information (if required)

  • All dollar figures provided should be GST inclusive.
  • Where possible, quotes should be provided and preference is given to local suppliers, however it is acknowledged that this may not always be possible.
  • Volunteer hours as a contribution should be valued at $33 per hour

In-kind contributions

  • These are a non-cash contribution made by the applicant towards the completion or the conduct of the project. Commonly this will include the labour of members of the applicant group or the use of members’ equipment.
  • A business may also supply material or services at a discount.
  • The difference between the retail value of a product and the discounted price for the project can also be counted as an in-kind contribution.

Supporting attachments

Where required, supporting documentation helps us to assess your application and can be used to demonstrate that your project has broad community support or identified as a key priority by stakeholders. They might include:

  • Your latest audited annual financial report: Full financials helps us asses if your organisation has the ability to meet its financial commitments to the project.
  • Letters of support: Should be provided if they are relevant to the application - ie a group that will directly benefit from the project or are providing funds and/or in-kind support.
  • Photos or newspapers cuttings if available.
  • Business or development plans, feasibility studies, masterplans, community plans, etc.
  • Constitution, articles of association or memorandum.

6. Sponsorship acknowledgement

Successful recipients will be required to acknowledge the sponsorship. This can take a number of forms including:

  • Media acknowledgment in print, television or radio exposure.
  • Placement of Gippsland Water logo on posters and marketing materials.
  • Signage on site reflecting Gippsland Water’s support.
  • Acknowledgment via sponsorship recipients social media channels.
  • Acknowledgment on day of event by MC (if applicable).
  • Post event acknowledgment in press and or public notices.
  • Acknowledgment in newsletters on social media or on your website.
  • Invitation for Gippsland Water representatives to attend the event or oversee project, and take photos for promotional use.