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Choosing the right water saves school thousands of litres

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Choosing the right water saves school thousands of litres

Grey Street Primary School has chosen the right water for the job and saved on water bills. The School has installed three 9,000 litre water tanks to harvest rainwater which is then used in the toilet block for flushing.

“We were invited to Grey Street Primary School to conduct an audit of its water use, and were very impressed with the ways in which the school is saving water”, said Gippsland Water’s Paul Clark.

“By encouraging students early in their schooling to see that some water is best used for drinking while other water can be used for flushing toilets, or recycled to use on parks and gardens, we hope they are getting a clear idea of how precious water is. This way we’ll always make sure we are using the ‘right water’ for the right job”, added Mr. Clark.

“By making such choices the students have plenty of fresh, clean water for drinking, straight from the tap”, Mr Clark concluded.

Teacher at Grey Street Primary School, Mr. Alex Wilson, said the school is committed to using water efficiently. “The school is on a path to sustainability and reviewing how we use our water is the next stage in that process”.

Gippsland Water’s audit will allow the school’s Green Team to see how and where water is used in their school. The school is also participating in the School’s Water Efficiency Program which has installed data loggers to check for leaks or sudden peaks in water usage.

Leaking taps can waste up to 150 litres of water per day, so Gippsland Water asked the Green Team to keep their eye out for leaks and report them to their teacher to be fixed.

Rainwater tanks, water data loggers and regular checks for leaking taps are all evidence that Grey Street Primary School is continuing Victoria’s proud history of using tap water responsibly.

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