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Gippsland Water discovers native aquatic life in abundance

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Gippsland Water discovers native aquatic life in abundance

Gippsland Water’s environmental credentials have been bolstered recently by a study which found a remarkable amount of native aquatic life in the Hazelwood Northern Wetland – Gippsland Water’s discharge point for the Morwell Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The study found Eastern Snake-necked turtles, Freshwater Shrimp, Flathead Gungeon, Australian Smelt and perhaps most remarkably, a Platypus was also locatedas part of the study.

The analysis also found that carp levels are relatively low in this wetland compared to others in the area.

“The abundance and type of aquatic fauna in the Hazelwood Wetland are a credit to the operations (and operators) of our wastewater treatment plants,” said Gippsland Water’s Manager of Wastewater Treatment, Simon Aquilina.

“There is a vital link between the work that all operators do on a daily basis and the health of our aquatic environment downstream of our plants”.

“Gippsland Water has a very strong environmental focus and we are committed to working with local flora and fauna special interest groups to ensure the protection of native animals and plants within our service region,” concluded Mr Aquilina.

This most recent survey was completed by Aquatica Environmental on behalf of Hazelwood Power. Previous studies into environmental ecosystems include observations from the Latrobe Valley Field Naturalists’ ‘twitching’ (bird-watching) group, in May, where a total of 35 different species of native birds were observed, including Blue-billed Ducks, Freckled Ducks (endangered in Victoria) and Black-fronted Dotterels.

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