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Secure water for Moe - Upgrades to the Moe Water Treatment Plant

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The works at the Moe Water Treatment Plant are essential to ensure a reliable drinking water supply for the Moe region into the future. The work will enable Moe water supply system to meet the demands of expected urban growth and development. The plant upgrade includes improvements to the treatment plant building and equipment which treats our water to make it safe to drink. The new large 25 megalitre storage basin will provide operational flexibility and increased security of supply. Following construction of the new basin, the existing storage basin will be upgraded with a new liner and cover. This will further add to the long term capacity and security of the regional water supply.

Inspecting the existing storage basin

Watch an update from Owen, Capital Planning Engineer (video produced in July 2021).

Fast facts

The upgrades involve:

  • Improving the treatment plant buildings and equipment
  • Constructing an additional drinking water storage basin
  • Replacing the liner and cover of the existing storage basin

This upgrade will modernise the plant, increase overall capacity and allow future upgrade and maintenance works to be completed without restricting water supply to customers.

Location: Moe Water Treatment Plant

Timing: 2021 - Building and equipment upgrade

2021 - Construction of the new basin starts near end of year

2022 - New basin completed and commissioned

2023 - Relining of existing basin

More details

The upgrade will:

  • More than double the volume of stored drinking water at the Moe site
  • Cater for growth and development throughout the Moe region
  • Allow for emergency repairs and maintenance without restricting water supplies to customers
  • Ensure the ongoing safety of water supplies in the region

Like with all our works, we want to have as little environmental impact as possible. Things we're doing to minimise our environmental and heritage impacts at the site include:

  • Building the new basin on newly-purchased land. This will reduce the impact on existing bushland.
  • Designing the new basin so that there is a minimal construction footprint.
  • Undertaking cultural heritage assessments - no artefacts within the the planned constrution zone.
  • Extensive flora and fauna assessments, including owl habitat surveys, within the proposed construction zone.
  • Protecting the equivalent environmental values at one of our environmental offset sites when vegetation is removed.
  • Implementing construction Environmental Management Plans to ensure no impacts occur outside the proposed site.

We have consulted with neighbouring properties and stakeholders.

We also welcome direct comments and enquiries from the community at any time.

2019/20 (Completed)

  • Flora and fauna studies
  • Cultural heritage assessment and management plan
  • Functional designs


  • Statutory and regulatory approvals
  • Upgrade of existing water treatment building and equipment
  • Final detail design for the new treated water storage basin
  • Demolition of remaining buildings on the new basin site


  • Construction of the new storage basin


  • Upgrade of existing storage basin with new liner and cover

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