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National Water Week Online Learning Festival 2020

National Water Week Online Learning Festival

Thanks for joining us for the inaugural National Water Week Online Learning Festival. Here you'll find a range of activities and information including a theatrical performance, story time readings, hands-on experiments, webinars, worksheets and more. This content has been brought to you by water corporations from across Victoria and the Corangamite CMA.


Tapstar Saves Water - theatre show

Eaton Gorge Theatre Company will be performing their popular show online for use in classrooms or remote learning. The show promises to be a cartoon like, vibrant and energetic experience with plenty of humour and a touch of silliness. Audiences will learn how to save water, why tap water is the best and what happens if the wrong things are put down the sink, in the toilet or in the drains.

Audience: kindergarten - primary school
Watch it now | Tapstar worksheets

Story time - on demand videos

The Water Princess by Susan Verde

Natalie read this wonderfully illustrated book which tells the story of a young girl who dreams of bringing clean drinking water to her African village. With its wide sky and warm earth, Princess Gie Gie’s kingdom is a beautiful land. But clean drinking water is scarce in her small African village. Supporting worksheets available.

Audience: kindergarten - primary school

Watch it now | Venn diagram | Word find | Discussion questions| Fill in the blanks

After the Drain

Do you know what happens with the water after your flush, use the sink or shower? This story tells you all about it.
Audience: kindergarten - early primary school

Watch it now | Sewer Smart - where should it go? worksheet

The Rhythm of the Rain by Grahame Baker Smith
A beautifully illustrated story that ventures from home to another country and back again, describing the water cycle. You’ll love the poetic words and the images can lead to conversations about water access, sea creatures and pollution.

Audience: primary school

Watch it now

Meet the Author - Meg Humphreys

Meg will be talking about her award winning book, When Water Lost Her Way, which features the water cycle. We are particularly interested to find out how Meg combined her interests in art and science to create a fictional story about a scientific process.
Audience: primary school

Watch it now

Mindfulness and wellbeing

Water Cycle Yoga

Water Cycle Yoga Session is designed to help tactile learners process and retain information about the water cycle. Led by a trained yoga teacher, Victoria, your students will experience how water moves around us. Choose from a 13 or 18 minute version.

Audience: primary school

Watch it now - 13 minutes | Watch it now - 18 minutes

Water Cycle guided meditation

Through this guided meditation session, students learn to visualise water as it changes form and moves through the water cycle. Supported by a mindfulness colour-in sheet, instructions for a calming jar and directions for mindful breathing this activity aims to engage students on a whole new level.

Audience: primary school

Listen now | Additional resources

National Water Week poster competition - awards ceremony

Dust off the pearls and dry clean the tux! We will be announcing the 2020 poster competition winners in a short video that can be enjoyed together in the classroom or shared as a link for students at home. Excited? We are!

Audience: primary school

Watch it now - available from 10am Monday 19 October.

Experiments and hands-on activities

Water filter

This fun science based experiment examines how to make a basic water filter using common household items. The session encourages ultimate aim of cleaning our sample of dirty water. Children can work together or challenge each other to see who can make the cleanest water.

Audience: secondary and senior primary school

Watch it now | Lesson plan

Water experiments with Wally

Join Wally the Water Scientist for water experiments that explore the water cycle, measuring rain, how water moves and more! Each experiment uses common items found in the home or classroom making it easy for kids to have a go themselves.
Audience: Kindergarten and primary school

Rain gauge + worksheet | Water Cycle in a bag + worksheet | Walking water + worksheet

Going green when we clean

Discover some simple recipes for cleaning products to use around the home. Many store bought cleaners contain harsh chemicals, you'll also discover some the impacts that these chemicals can have on the environment.

Audience: Community
Watch it now | Recipe sheet

National Water Week activity matrix

A thought provoking, fun-filled matrix of activities across multiple curriculum areas for students of all ages and learning styles. Students can direct their own learning, choosing activities from the matrix to 'reimagine our water future'.


Water Wise Chatterbox

Download and print this origami chatterbox to help teach children about the importance of using water wisely! Mr Drippy asks questions like ‘how long should you take a shower for?’ or ‘how much water do you save by brushing your teeth with the tap off?’. Students will soon learn how water wise they are in a fun and educational way!

Download now

Live events and webinars

Creating a frog-friendly habitat

Learn how to create a frog pond and frog friendly garden with James Frazer of Melbourne Water Frog Census. This session will teach you all the basics of planning and building a pond, as well as an introduction to the breeding strategies of some common Victorian frog species.
Duration: 1 hour | When: 4pm on Thursday 22 October 2020
Audience: Primary school, secondary school and community

Register here

Celebrate National Water Week with Nova Peris OAM

Celebrate National Water Week with Melbourne Water’s Principal Advisor Aboriginal Engagement - Nova Peris OAM. Listen to Nova’s reflections, with an Aboriginal perspective, on the Australian National Water Week theme ‘Reimagining our Water Future’

Duration: 1 hour | When: 10am on Tuesday 20 October 2020

Audience: Primary school, secondary school and community

Register here

Urban Water Cycle - Western Treatment Plant

Step off into the wonderful world of Melbourne Water's Western Treatment Plant with this clever augmented reality experience. Bring your device and learn how to download the App. You will get a glimpse of the sewage treatment process at this world leading, environmentally friendly, treatment plant which treats 50% of Melbourne’s sewage.

Audience: Primary school, secondary school and community

Register here

On-demand videos

Water in the environment virtual learning session

Watch this pre-recorded 'ask the expert' session for Year 3-8 students to learn about the important balance we must strike to provide water for human uses and water for the environment to ensure our natural systems are healthy and resilient. E-Water is the key and is having amazing impacts for waterways and wetlands across the state.
Audience: primary school, secondary school, community

Watch it now

Catchment to tap

This catchment to tap video, aligned with Victorian Curriculum Year 7 Science and Geography, is a fantastic overview of the service water corporations from across the state provide to our community. We all use water every day. Find out how it gets to your tap and what happens after you've used it.

Audience: secondary school, community

Watch it now

Toilets and the 3Ps.

In this video will show you all the things people flush down toilets, some on purpose and some by accident. Most of the things don’t belong in toilets or our sewers. There are only 3 things that should be flushed. We will show you how toilet paper breaks down in our sewers differently to other things that are flushed….and we talk about fatbergs too!

Audience: primary school

Watch it now | Sewer Smart – where should it go?

Water efficiency and innovation

Kids Teaching Kids Director Arron Wood presents a documentary about the innovations in water management since the Millenium drought. He talks with farmers, town planners, irrigators and park rangers, tours the desalination plant, goes underground at the MCG and learns more about the Werribee sewage treatment plant, to see how recycled water is being used for industry and in new housing developments.

Audience: upper primary school and secondary school

Watch it now

Worksheets and colouring in sheets


A selection of worksheets designed to support and consolidate learning for primary school students on a range of water-related topics. Answers included.

Water Cycle diagram | Water Cycle word find
Water for health – How much sugar?
Water Wise fill in the blanks | Water Wise word find
Sewer Smart – where does it go?

Colouring in sheets

A selection of colouring in sheets on a range of water-related topics. Perfect for a quiet time or free time activity.

What should we flush?
Sustainable development goals 1 | Sustainable development goals 2
Be a hero for change
Take 3 for the sea

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