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Saving water in the garden

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Plant Finder

The Plant Finder on the Smart Approved Watermark website helps provide you with a list of water efficient plants to assist your approach to sustainable gardening.

You select the part of Australia you live in and the type of plant you’re looking for (eg. grasses, large trees, climbers), and the program finds plants for you.

You can also add extra search criteria such as soil type, foliage type, growing environment and flowering season.

Trigger Nozzle Exchange

We offer two programs for our customers: the Showerhead Exchange Program and the Trigger Nozzle Exchange Program.

You can receive:

  • 1 Showerhead
  • 2 Trigger nozzles

Having a trigger nozzle on your hose helps you save water because you can instantly turn off the water between plants.

If you use mains water to water your garden or wash your car, you need to have a trigger nozzle on your hose. This is one of the Permanent Water Saving Rules. If you use tank water or collect laundry or bathwater to water your garden, you can use any hose connection you like.

Under Permanent Water Saving Rules, you can wash your car or water your garden on any day at any time using a hose with a trigger nozzle. There are time limits on when you can use watering systems though, see the Water Restrictions page for details.

How to exchange:

  • At our head office between 8am and 4.45pm Monday to Friday (closed on public holidays)
  • By post for customers outside the 3840, 3842 or 3844 postcodes. You need to call us on 1800 050 500 to let us know you’d like to take part in the exchange, and which items you’re requesting.

Water Smart Gardening

ABC Local Radio gardening expert Nancy Morgan talks about saving water in the garden while still keeping your plants healthy this summer.

Saving water around the pool and spa

The pool and spa page has simple tips on how to minimise the amount of water used in your pool and spa.

It includes information on the types of pool covers available, and how your behaviour can affect how much ‘topping up’ your pool needs.

Washing Your Car

Washing your car at a commercial car wash can be very water efficient, but there are things you can do at home to keep your car sparkling without using much water.

The car washing page has tips on washing your car at home and explains the commercial car wash scheme.

Planting The Right Trees

For information on which trees to plant in the area, refer to the Trees and Your Pipes brochure.

More information

For more information, visit the Smart Approved Watermark website.

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Choose Tap aims to promote the benefits of drinking tap water as part of a healthy lifestyle and as an alternative to bottled water.

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