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Major Projects

Our major projects help deliver water security, minimise disruption to service, and allow for future growth in Gippsland.

Our 2018-23 price submission to the Essential Services Commission (ESC), established 10 major projects. Watch the video below for an update from our team on these projects, including what the projects involve and when we expect them to be completed.

We’ve maintained a flexible approach to undertaking these projects, making adaptations to ensure the projects are fit for purpose and deliver value for our customers.

Watch our team update you on how we’re tracking on these projects (video produced in July 2021).

Explore our major projects

Find out more about our current, future and completed major projects below. You can also read an update from the ESC on the delivery of our major capital projects as part of their Major Projects Supplement.


Allowing for growth in Sale – Upgrade to Dawson St pump station

This project will upgrade the existing Sale number 2 wastewater pump station in Dawson Street, Sale to provide for continued urban growth and continue to meet modern safety and environmental standards.

Construction will commence in 2021-22 with completion expected in 2023.

The existing pump station was installed in 1974 and a major components need replacing. The existing odour unit will also be upgraded. Urban growth has also meant the exiting station is no longer suited to the expected demands of this developing area of Sale. This project will increase the capacity of the pump station and allow greater flexibility in site operation and maintenance. A new outlet pipe will tie the new facilities into existing wastewater mains. The project will allow for projected growth in the north of Sale for the next 30 years.

Watch our Capital Planning Senior Engineer Catherine give an update on the project.

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Expanding wastewater network in in Warragul

The Warragul north-east wastewater main was installed in 1971 and services the north and east of Warragul.

This project will involve replacement and upsizing of the main to ensure the system has sufficient capacity to accommodate the future growth expected in this fast growing community.

The Functional design of the project is complete and easement acquisition and planning approval has commenced. Construction is expected to be completed in 2023-24.

Watch our Manager Asset Planning Paul give an update on what the project will involve.

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Maintaining vital state infrastructure – Upgrade to the SWOP

This work will be the next step in a program to upgrade the full length of the Saline Waste Outfall Pipeline (SWOP). It will involve upgrading an 11km section of the pipeline located between Stradbroke and Willung.

The SWOP is essential to the Victorian power industry. After a quality check, saline wastewater from power stations in the Latrobe Valley is conveyed to an ocean outfall at McGaurans Beach, where it dilutes with seawater offshore. The pipeline was constructed in 1983.

Watch our Manager Asset Planning Paul give an update on what the project will involve.

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