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Mirboo North Rising Main Replacement

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Project background

The Mirboo North rising main is a pipe that transfers treated water from the Mirboo North water treatment plant up to the township of Mirboo North. Without it, the town would have no access to mains water. The Mirboo North rising main is over 70 years old, and in the last few years it has failed five times. The existing water main is located underground. It runs beside and underneath the Strzelecki Highway, from the Mirboo North water treatment plant up to the town.

About the project

The existing pipe has reached the end of its expected life, so rather than continue to patch up leaks and bursts;

Gippsland Water will replace the entire pipe in a new location. Replacing the pipe in the roadway is not ideal. It was originally installed one metre away from the road, but over time the Strzelecki Highway has been re-aligned several times and in some places covers the existing pipe to a depth of up to three metres.

What are the benefits?

Replacing the rising main will:

• Make Mirboo North’s water supply more reliable

• Reduce traffic disruptions whenever maintenance or repair work is needed

• Reduce safety hazards to Gippsland Water staff and contractors.

What works will be involved?

Gippsland Water staff and contractors are conducting environmental and Aboriginal cultural heritage assessments, field surveys, and investigation work in the area between the Little Morwell River and the Grand Ridge Rail Trail to assist in planning for the project. Relevant landowners have been contacted and are aware of the field work taking place. There are likely to be some road works and delays associated with the construction phase of this project and Gippsland Water will notify residents well in advance. There may also be some limited disruptions to the town’s water supply during the construction phase, and customers will be kept informed when the time comes.

When will it be completed?

The project is currently in the scoping phase, with works expected to be carried out in 2019-2020. Replacement of the Mirboo North water main was approved by the Essential Services Commission as a key project for delivery in Gippsland Water’s 2018-2023 price submission.

Community information session

Mirboo North residents were invited to attend a community drop-in session to chat with project experts and learn more about the project on Friday 20 July 2018.

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