Loch Sport sewer system

Information about the sewer system in Loch Sport

Why is the Loch Sport sewer system different to most other sewer systems?

Loch Sport has a pressure sewer system, which is different to the sewer system in most other towns and cities.

Many Loch Sport properties are not occupied full time which means there’s a lower volume in the sewer lines compared to other towns. There’s also no reticulated water supply and the sewerage must be pumped long distance along a fairly flat sewer line. All of these conditions meant that a pressure sewer system was the best, most economical and environmentally friendly system for Loch Sport.

What makes up the sewerage system on my property?

The system consists of four key components on your property:

  1. a collection tank and pump unit
  2. a pump control unit,
  3. the discharge pipe, and
  4. a property boundary kit, which prevents wastewater flowing back into your system.
Diagram showing how the Loch Sport sewer system works
Diagram of the Loch Sport sewer system

How do I avoid sewerage blockages?

To avoid blockages, do not place fats, oils, chemicals or any physical objects like wipes, nappies, sanitary napkins, tampons or food scraps in your system.

Where can I find more information on my sewer system?

You can access a copy of our Home Owner’s manual. The manual also describes basic maintenance and what to do in the event of the system alarm sounding.

How do I report a fault in my sewerage system?

If you believe you have a fault, call us on 1800 057 057.

Do I need to do anything with my system if I will be away for an extended period?

If you are going to be away for a week or more you should flush the system out before you leave. Run about 50 litres of water through the system from the bath or shower, then turn off the water and allow your pump unit to run until it shuts off automatically.

When you leave have either:

  • BOTH the mains power and water supply turned OFF, or
  • BOTH the mains power and water supply turned ON.

Will having additional visitors affect the system?

An increase in wastewater from more visitors will not harm the system, although the pump will run more frequently.

Do I need an additional system if I want to extend my house or add a granny flat?

Depending on the proposal, a single pump unit may be able to handle an additional small dwelling or bathroom. You should seek our advice during the planning stages of your development for specific advice.

Will installing a pool or spa affect my system?

Emptying a pool or spa may release more water than the pump can handle, triggering the alarm. You may need to increase the capacity of your system. Please contact us to discuss.

I want to landscape or build a garden shed.

You need to plan so that temporary or permanent structures are not built over the collection tank lid or discharge line.