How we notify you about upcoming works

If we have your email address and mobile phone number, we can send you SMS (text message) and email notifications.

  • We’ll let you know in advance if we need to turn your water off while we carry out planned works on our system.
  • If we need to turn your water off due to a fault or emergency works, we can’t give you advance notice but we will send you a text message as soon as we can.
  • When we’re completing planned sewer works, you’ll receive a letter or email notifying you about the upcoming works and what you need to do .

Some of our emails and text messages have links to our website for more information.

Why don't I receive text messages or emails from you?

If you’re not receiving text messages or emails from us when your water is off, we might not have your up-to-date contact details. Check and make changes to your details through our online services.

How can I tell my SMS (text message) or email is really from you?

We’ll never send you text messages or emails that ask you to log in, confirm or disclose personal information or payment details.

If you need to update your account details or make payments, we recommend reaching our website by typing in instead of clicking links in email or text messages.

When you receive a message to visit our website, check the address. Scammers may impersonate us by using emails or websites very similar to ours - for example instead of Also check the address of links in the message. Hover your mouse over a link to see the destination URL (web address), before clicking it – our links will always have in them. On a smartphone you can press and hold a link to inspect it. Carefully read these URLs, as they’re often created to look similar to official addresses.

If you’re unsure whether a notification you’ve received is from us, you can contact us.