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We care about making bills easier.
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We get it and we're here to help.

Customer Care

If you’re having trouble paying your bills, our friendly Customer Care team is ready to help ease the pressure of your water bill.

To chat about how we can help, reach out to us through our online services, ask us to give you a call by filling out the form below or call us on 1800 050 500. 

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Ask us to give you a call

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How we can help

There are many ways we can help. Our team will discuss your situation with you and work out which options best suit your needs.

Our support options

A flexible payment plan allows you to pay your bills in smaller regular instalments. You can choose whether you want to pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Plans are flexible and we will tailor them to meet your needs. You can request to change them at any time.

You can extend the due date of your bill to give you more time to pay.

A Utility Relief Grant helps people who are unable to pay their water account due to temporary financial difficulty. An account holder who has an eligible concession card or meets a low-income household limit may be able to apply.

When you chat to our team, they'll work out if you’re eligible for a Utility Relief Grant and complete the application for you. To qualify, you need to show that unexpected circumstances have left you short of money and you can’t pay your account without help.

You’ll also need to meet one of the following criteria:

  • You or someone in your house has experienced family violence
  • You’ve had a recent decrease in income, for example, lost your job
  • You’ve had high unexpected costs for essential items
  • The cost of shelter is more than 30% of your household income

The amount of the grant is based on the amount you owe at the time of your application and the reasons given in your application. The scheme will not provide you with ongoing help with your account.

You can receive a maximum of $650 in a two-year period.

We have a dedicated team who’ve been trained to assist people experiencing or at risk of family violence.

We can put additional protective measures on your account to secure your personal information.

For further assistance, visit our family violence page. 

We care about making bills easier and know that sometimes customers have trouble paying their bills.

It’s our policy that all customers identified as experiencing financial difficulty and/or vulnerability won’t incur additional debt recovery costs or interest charges, won’t be subject to legal action and won’t have their water supply restricted.

We help customers by:

  • redirecting bills to another person for payment if the person agrees in writing
  • giving information on how to reduce water usage, improve water efficiency and referral to eligible government funded efficiency programs
  • allowing customers to nominate a representative to communicate with us on their behalf
  • referral to an independent financial counsellor at no cost.

You can read our full Customer Support policy for more information.