Subdivision and planning permits

Information if you're planning a subdivisional development

Planning permit process

After submitting a planning application, council will submit the request to relevant ‘referral authorities’ - this includes us. 

We will assess the application and advise council of any conditions we believe need to be placed on the planning permit. Once all of the referral authorities have responded to the application, council will collate the conditions and issue a planning permit.

Conditions on development

Examples of conditions we may apply to planning permit applications for sub-divisional developments include:

  • Payment of new customer contributions
  • Payment of water and/or sewer application and connection supervision fees
  • Extension of water and/or sewerage services
  • Enter into formal deed of agreement/s between the owner(s) and us for the construction of works to provide water and sewerage to the individual lots
  • Install separate water services and sewerage disposal connections
  • Disconnect existing services between newly created lot boundaries
  • Have easements created over existing and/or new water and sewer assets within the development
  • Create easements over new works on land that is not involved in the subdivision
  • Provide a Body Corporate Schedule
  • Lodgement of the Plan of Subdivision for certification.

New customer contributions

New Customer Contributions (NCCs) apply in selected towns and localities from 1 July 2023.

The water and/or wastewater systems where a NCC applies are:

  • Warragul/Drouin system
  • Moe/Newborough system
  • Traralgon system
  • Morwell system
  • Sale system

Development in towns and localities outside these systems do not incur a NCC charge.

Visit our NCC web page for full information on our New Customer Contribution. This includes details of charges and a list of all towns and localities covered by NCC charges.

Construction of new assets

When a developer enters into a deed with us to construct new works, we outline these requirements in the Developer Works deed. The assets each party needs to provide is outlined in our New Customer Contributions Negotiating Framework.

We provide:

  • Major treatment plants, headworks and outfall

Developers provide:

  • The reticulation assets required to service their development and connect to our network
  • Shared assets with a contribution provided by us at practical completion of the works. The contribution is based on our infrastructure sequencing plan
  • Any works required to connect their development to our network temporarily whilst the long-term works are being completed.