Our compost

We manufacture multiple products of varying quality which may be available for sale in bulk quantities. Our products include 10mm screened compost, 10mm screened mature compost, 15mm screened compost, and 15mm screened mature compost.

Our standard AS4454 compliant compost product is the major component of the REVIVE Recycled Compost product, owned by Rosedale-based agricultural services company Gibsons Groundspread.

All four of our compost products meet the strict requirements set by AS4454 - the Australian Standard for Composts, Mulches and Soil Conditioners, with the following data captured to demonstrate compliance:

  • Batching records showing process inputs
  • Temperature and moisture records
  • Dates showing when a windrow was turned
  • Lab analysis and in-house testing results
  • Approvals for product movement, screening and Final Product Batching & dispatch

Every batch we produce is also independently tested by National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited laboratories.