Sponsorship Policy

Sponsorship is one of the ways we actively participate in and contribute to the local communities we serve. Our customers told us through engagement and research activities, that it’s important we’re visible and engaged in the community.

This policy applies to all sponsorship requests and governs the allocation of funds, resources, and support to external organisations and events. It encompasses both financial sponsorships and in-kind support. In-kind support may include provision of merchandise, such as drink bottles, or equipment such as portable drinking fountains, or expertise.

General principles 

Our sponsorships will promote customer trust, perception of value for money, and enhanced reputation in the community.

Sponsorship proposals need to include details about the initiative, event or activity for which sponsorship is sought. They should also explain how the proposed sponsorship will help build our reputation, enhance community trust, and demonstrate value for money.

Specifically, the proposals should:

  • request monetary contribution or in-kind support (products or service) for a specific initiative or event
  • ensure value for money
  • have broad community reach
  • offer promotion and benefit to Gippsland Water
  • have an explicit end date
  • be evaluated on conclusion.

Sponsorship requests can be from organisations, not-for-profits, or groups that are incorporated bodies or operate from a trust account.

Not all sponsorship requests that meet our criteria are approved.

Guidelines for proposals

Key considerations that will support our decision-making include:

  • the type and value of the request – the monetary amount, or level of in-kind support that is being sought
  • the benefits of the initiative, including how the benefits improve the local community and how the benefits are relevant to Gippsland Water
  • the visibility the associated with the initiative – who is the audience of the initiative, expected attendance numbers for events, or locations of signage
  • a timeline, including important deadlines for things such as program details, logos for advertisements or for providing promotional material
  • the marketing opportunities and the promotion schedule for the initiative
  • a list of other sponsors who have committed to supporting the initiative, or who are likely to be involved
  • credentials of the organisation seeking sponsorship and other key partners (such as subcontractors).

Process for consideration:

  • Proposals are assessed by Gippsland Water in accordance with the general principles, guidelines for proposals and sponsorship decision matrix.
  • The applicant is notified of the receipt of the proposal within five days, and of the outcome within four weeks. Please consider these timelines when submitting your application.
  • Gippsland Water reserves the right to decline proposals and to terminate agreements at their discretion.
  • Gippsland Water sponsorship is not a general endorsement of an organisation, or of its products or services, by Gippsland Water or government.

The assessment items in the decision matrix as at the time of publication are outlined in the table over the page. They may be updated over time, as required.

Assessment item


Education potential - the ability to promote our educative community campaigns We look for opportunities that will increase the reach of our Customer Care, Reduce Your Use, Caretakers for tomorrow or Drink Gippy Tap campaigns, whether directly or through associated benefits like signage or EDMs.
Community good We look for opportunities that directly improve outcomes for vulnerable community members or enhance the communities we serve.
Audience with vulnerable people, especially those experiencing financial difficulty We look for opportunities that increase our visibility with vulnerable people, especially those more likely to be experiencing financial difficulties.
Duration of increased visibility in the community We favour opportunities that give us increased visibility for a longer period score over those that give us visibility in the community for a short amount of time.
Location of increased visibility in the community We favour opportunities that give us increased visibility in a town centre, or high traffic area, over initiatives that give us visibility on a website only, or at a low-profile event.
Opportunities that target locations with good reach to our target audience will be favoured over those with a non-targeted audience.
Event/In person engagement opportunity Initiatives that include opportunities for face-to-face engagement at events may be favoured over those without an in-person event presence.
Marketing plan We favour initiatives with a prepared promotion/marketing plan that spread awareness about our involvement over those without good promotional opportunities.
Value for money 
Value for money is a critical consideration in assessing all sponsorship opportunities. We favour the highest value for money opportunities.
Credibility and reputation risk 
We favour low risk sponsorships delivered by reputable community organisations.

Proposals can be submitted through our website, www.gippswater.com.au/sponsorship

Or to:

Communications and Engagement Lead 
Gippsland Water 
55 Hazelwood Rd 
Traralgon VIC 3844

We will not provide sponsorships that:

  • relate to retrospective funding or budget deficits
  • support political campaigns or support for personal interests
  • support events that discriminate adversely against any persons, organisations or groups
  • don’t align with our values and business objectives
  • conflict with government policy or objectives
  • support organisations with visible links to tobacco, gaming, alcohol or drug-related issues
  • don’t comply with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic)
  • could reflect negatively on our brand, reputation or standing in the community.

We generally don’t provide financial sponsorships to local sports teams, due to the number of teams across the region. However, we do consider sponsorship opportunities for Gippsland-based sporting leagues and associations or regional sports precincts, especially where facilities support multiple local clubs or teams.