Protecting drinking water for Churchill and surrounding communities

Replacing the lining of Sanders Basin to ensure ongoing water quality


Constructed in 1965, Sanders Basin is our major water storage for customers in Churchill, Yinnar, Boolarra and Jeeralang Junction. The drinking water is protected by a lining over the floor of the basin and a cover over the water.

We’re working to replace the lining and cover of the basin this year, to ensure ongoing water quality. The new cover and liner are expected to provide protection for at least the next 25 years.

Sanders Basin holds 22 megalitres and is supplied from the Morwell water system. It directly services more than 1,300 customers within the Churchill area. Additionally the basin is a key link supplying our high level system (Northways Basin), Yinnar, Boolarra and our Jeeralang Junction systems. These service over 1,800 additional customers including Federation University.

Project Engineer, Justine Tile, gives an update on the project (August 2022)


Update - August 2023

The project has been completed. The liner and cover will continue to protect water quality for at least 25 years.

Update - August 2022

This project is progressing well. Construction of the new underdrain at Sanders Basin is well underway and expected to be completed in October. The new cover and liner installation will commence shortly after that.

Fast facts

We replaced the aging liner and cover on the Sanders Basin which provides water for customers in Churchill, Yinnar, Boolarra and Jeeralang Junction. This will safely protect the water storage for at least the next 25 years.

Location: The works will be at the Sanders Basin located just off Canterbury Way in Churchill.

Timing: The works commenced in March 2022 and were completed in August 2023. 

More information

The new cover and lining will ensure drinking water safety is maintained for the communities of Churchill, Yinnar, Boolarra and Jeeralang Junction.

The current basin cover and liner are reaching the end their useful life and must be replaced.

There should be no disruption to customer water supplies while this basin cover and liner replacement work is taking place.

Like with all our works, we want to protect environmental and cultural heritage values:

  • A review of the project has indicated that the works will have minimal impact on the environment and heritage value of the area as they are replacing existing covers and liners.
  • There may be a slight disruption to nearby residents due noise and increased vehicle movements during works. Works will be confined to the current Gippsland Water site off Canterbury Way, Churchill.
  • A Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management Plan will also be in place for the works.

  • We advised neighbouring properties of the work.
  • Planning and other regulatory approvals were not required.
  • We welcome direct comments and enquiries from the community at any time.

March 2022

  • Work commenced – basin emptied, old cover and lining removed. Under drain and other works in preparation for the new liner and cover commence.

Late spring 2022

  • Work completed with new lining and cover installed and basin refilled.

For more information, email or call 1800 050 500.