About Moondarra Reservoir

Facts and history for Moondarra Reservoir
An aerial photo of Moondarra Reservoir showing the dam and surrounding trees
Aerial view of Moondarra Reservoir

Moondarra Reservoir

Moondarra Reservoir is our largest storage and is located south of Erica.

Moondarra takes its name from the Aboriginal word ‘mundara’ which means ‘plenty of rain or thunder’.


Quick facts

Capacity 30,450 ML
Surface area 242 Ha
Maximum depth 35m
Catchment area 275km2
Embankment 41.2m
Spillway 113m wide


Moondarra Reservoir has a spillway that allows flood waters to spill when the storage is at full capacity. You can view Moondarra’s current level here.

Moondarra Reservoir and its pipeline were constructed between 1959 and 1962. The system has received multiple upgrades since. It is situated on the former township of Gould, a gold mining town which was deserted. The only remaining building is the Cecil Inn, which was saved and moved to a higher location and is now the focal point of the picnic area.

Moondarra Reservoir contains high quality raw water and is a controlled catchment. This means access to the water is very limited and recreation is banned other that at the designated picnic area. This minimises changes to the raw water quality and surface runoff.

Raw water from Moondarra Reservoir is treated before being sent to Morwell, Boolarra, Churchill, Yinnar, Jeeralang/Jumbuk, Traralgon, Traralgon South, Traralgon East and Hazelwood North.

Tunnel below Moondarra Reservoir featuring two large pipes on either side
The tunnel at Moondarra Reservoir