Public Interest Disclosure

You can now view Gippsland Water’s Public Interest Disclosure Procedure, made in accordance with the Protected Disclosure Act 2012.

A Public Interest Disclosure is a complaint of improper conduct by a public officer or a public body. Gippsland Water is a public body for the purposes of the Act and a public officer can be a Gippsland Water employee (including temporary/contract staff), director or independent committee member. A Disclosure may be made even if the person making the Disclosure cannot identify the person or the body to whom or to which the Disclosure relates.

Gippsland Water takes its responsibilities seriously in relation to anyone who may make a Public Interest Disclosure (Disclosure) about improper conduct.

Gippsland Water is committed to the value of transparency and accountability in its operational, administrative and management practices, and supports the disclosure of improper conduct.

While Gippsland Water cannot receive Public Interest Disclosures our Protected Interest Disclosure Coordinator will at all times comply with our obligations and work with the investigating body as requested in the instance of a Public Interest Complaint Investigation.

We have established this procedure to ensure the confidentiality of the identity of the discloser and their welfare, according to our obligations under the Public Interest Disclosures Act 2012.

To make a Public Interest Disclosure click the following link: