Preparing for water or sewer main works

Preparing for works

Sometimes we may need to turn off your water or sewerage service to do crucial maintenance on water and sewer mains. We will let you know if your service may be interrupted - there are things you can do to prepare for the interruption.

Water main works

To prepare for an interruption to your water service, we recommend you:

  • Store enough drinking water in your refrigerator.
  • Fill your kettle for use during the day.
  • Store enough water in containers for cooking.
  • Fill several buckets of water to flush the toilet.
  • Fill pet's drinking containers.
  • Extinguish any fire in your solid fuel hot water system if you have one.

When your water is restored, you may notice a slight variation in the colour of the water. This is temporary and we recommend you run an outside tap until the water runs clear.

We also recommend you don't use your hot water taps until the water has cleared.

Sewer main works

During our sewer maintenance works we recommend you:

  • Keep your toilet lids closed when not in use, and as an added precaution, weighted down.
  • Keep your Overflow Relief Gully (ORG) clear at all times (even when sewer maintenance work is not being undertaken). The ORG usually looks like a raised drain grate near your house, and is often located outside the bathroom.