Information to help you prepare for a heatwave

Impact on water supplies

Heatwaves can cause increases in water consumption and failures in power infrastructure. These impacts add pressure to our water treatment plants and could interrupt the water supply for our customers.

What we do to prepare

All of our water treatment plants have generator points fitted to allow for the use of generator power if mains power fails.

We monitor the weather forecast across our service area. In the lead up to a predicted heatwave, we ensure storages are kept full to allow for ongoing supply.

We'll keep our customers informed about excess demand on smaller systems and the need to conserve water. We'll do this through social media and website updates, plus traditional media and other channels where appropriate.

What you can do to stay safe on hot days and help prepare for hot weather

  • Stay hydrated - drink plenty of water regularly throughout the day.
  • Be aware of your water use other than for drinking, and conserve water.
  • Plant drought-tolerant plants in your garden that need less water.
  • If watering your garden, do so with a trigger nozzle fitted to your hose or use tank water.
  • Water your garden late at night (after 9pm) to avoid the evening peak of consumption.
  • Report leaks and main breaks to us on 1800 057 057.
  • Keep three days water supply in bottles at home (fill up from your household tap and store the water in the fridge).