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Central Gippsland offers a unique combination of industrial land availability, raw water availability, and wastewater services capable of supporting major new investment.

With well-established transport links providing efficient access to market, proximity to Melbourne and strong local partnerships between government and the private sector, our region is open for business and new investment.

Economic Development

As a provider of a range of essential and innovative services across central Gippsland, we are a key facilitator of industry activity in the region. We’re committed to expanding our collaboration with business and government to attract new investment and support the expansion of existing industries.

As the entitlement holder of significant quantities of raw water, we’re keen to maximise the regional and social benefits of the resources we have available, particularly from an economic development perspective.

The combination of available water, significant wastewater infrastructure and available land in central Gippsland offers broad and diverse opportunities. To adequately cater to these opportunities, we have a dedicated Economic Development team.

Our Economic Development team can assist you with enquires across any of our businesses, including:

  • Raw and drinking water supply - we have sufficient capacity to offer large volumes of raw, treated and ultra-treated water.
  • Wastewater services - the Gippsland Water Factory at Maryvale is our largest wastewater treatment plant, treating 35 million litres of wastewater daily.
  • Industrial water treatment - 14 wastewater treatment plants located throughout our service area which treat around 30,000ML of domestic and industrial wastewater each year.
  • Waste treatment and management
  • Organic waste recycling
  • Agribusiness services
  • Potential land and asset enquiries – we are open to discussions about access to land and assets we own and manage.
  • Partnering with us for a new project – we’re keen to be an enabler of economic and jobs growth and stability in central Gippsland and are always looking to partner with industry on new projects which can put our resources to best use and be mutually beneficial.

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