National Water Week poster competition

A national celebration of water

2024 poster competition - now open

We celebrate National Water Week each year by running a poster competition for young students within our service area.

Early learning children through to Year 6 students are encouraged to design, draw or paint a poster that demonstrates the changes we can make to ensure there is always water for all. 

Entries must be submitted online. (Please do not mail physical copies to us).

Enter now

Key dates

  • Entries close: 5pm on Friday 6 September 2024
  • Winners will be announced during National Water Week, 21 - 27 October 2024.

2024 theme: Water for all, inspiring action

This year, National Water Week is all about inspiring changes to help our water and our planet. We all know that water is super important, especially when the weather is changing a lot. So, we're joining hands to make sure we have enough water for the future. We want to do things now that will make a big difference later. Let's work together to make sure our water stays clean and plentiful for everyone, now and in the future!

Students can digitally design, draw or paint a poster that demonstrates the changes they can make to ensure there is always water for all.

Age group categories

  • Early Learning/Kindergarten (both individual entries and collaborative entries will be accepted)
  • Foundation (individual entries)
  • Years 1 – 2 (individual entries)
  • Years 3 – 4 (individual entries)
  • Years 5 – 6 (individual entries)


Early learning / Kindergarten 

  • 1st prize (individual) = $50 local voucher* + prize pack**
  • 1st prize (collaborative) = $50 local voucher*

Primary School
Individual prize awarded for each age category 

  • 1st prize = $100 local voucher* + prize pack**

Early learning / Kindergarten / School Prize

  • $500 to put towards a sustainability project or STEM resources. All centres/schools with at least one entry will be placed into a random draw. 

*Local vouchers - Winners will be given a choice of a voucher from a sports shop or book shop within our service area.

**Prize packs - Will include a Gippsland Water bag, Gippsland Water drink bottle, colouring pencils, trigger nozzle and native seed pack.

Entry conditions

  • Poster size must be A4 or A3
  • Any medium, from paper to digital, can be used
  • Any art material and digital technology can be used, including paint, textas, crayons, coloured pencils, collage materials, original photographs and digital graphics
  • Uploaded files are limited to 20MB
  • Image files should be in .JPG, .PDF or .PNG formats
  • For primary school aged children, group artwork will NOT be accepted (only one child per artwork)
  • For early learning/kindergarten both individual entries and collaborative entries will be accepted
  • Each child/student/collaborative group can only enter once

Full terms and conditions 


Winners will be chosen by:

  • how well does the poster communicate the National Water Week poster competition theme, ‘Water for all, inspiring action' and/or relevant water-related issues
  • how attractive does it look from a distance
  • have art materials been used effectively
  • does the poster use innovative imagery, design or concepts.

First prize winners in each category from all participating Victorian water corporations are automatically entered into the state level of competition.

Tips for uploading a poster

  • Please ensure only high resolution, high quality images are submitted
  • Image files should be in .JPG, .PDF or .PNG formats
  • Uploaded files are limited to 20MB
  • Original posters can either be scanned or photographed
  • Remember if taking a photo, please ensure a clear, non-blurred image is taken. Think about:
    • good lighting
    • ensuring the poster fills the entire screen, an overhead shot is often best as you are standing above the poster, looking down
    • avoiding flash, as if a glossy poster, you will get glare.

Poster design teaching and learning sequence

Set your class up for success. This series of activities guides students through the design process. It provides tips on how to create a successful poster and helps to unpack the theme “Water for all, inspiring action”. 


Inspiration - 2023 winners

Get inspired. Check out the winning posters from 2023. The theme was “United by Water”. Some of our winners won state prizes!

Young girl holds up drawing
Mya with her winning poster
A poster created by Mia titled 'Everyone needs water' features a blue background, stamped people, swirls and waves
Artwork by Mya - 2023 Kindergarten/Early Learning and overall winner
Colourful poster featuring people, animals, rain clouds, water and a tree
Artwork by Marnie - 2023 Foundation winner
Colourful poster featuring grass, trees, fish in the sea saying 'Water will save us all!" and "yippee!
Artwork by Rose - 2023 Year 1/2 winner and 3rd in the state
A poster featuring hands holding a tree and water flowing through fingers, sea life, the sun and mountains
Artwork by Oscar - 2023 Year 3/4 winner and 2nd in the state
Poster featuring the words "Water = Life', a cat, human, tree, earth and rain clouds, and the words 'United by Water'
Artwork by Sapphire - 2023 Year 5/6 winner