Metered standpipe program

We provide a Metered Standpipe Program, which allows commercial customers to access potable water for commercial and domestic supply. This water is supplied via tankers to ensure the quality of water provided to customers connected to our reticulation systems is not compromised.

Note: Starting June 2024, we’re completing an audit and replacing all metered standpipes. We’ll contact all current standpipe customers to arrange a time and date for the audit and replacement.

Approved customers are provided with a portable standpipe which can be used to extract water from designated points across our water supply network.

Applications for a metered standpipe must include a current test certificate for backflow prevention and relevant photos. You can access a list of backflow accredited plumbers who provide this service. 

Attachment 2 of the Metered Standpipe Agreement 2023 – 2028 (link below) also details what is required for backflow prevention.

Applicants should download copies of the following resources:

Metered Standpipe Agreement 2023 – 2028

Metered Standpipe Operating Instructions

Metered Standpipe Program Designated Hydrant Maps


Submit a metered standpipe program application

  • 1. Current Company information
  • 2. Responsible contact person
  • 3. Metered standpipe use
  • 4. Tanker details
  • 5. Declaration
  • 6. Complete

Submit a standpipe meter reading

Complete this form to submit a portable standpipe meter reading.
One file only.
10 MB limit.
Allowed types: jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, zip.

Annual fee charges 2023-24

Water Usage (Per kL)


Security Deposit (New Applicants)


Joining Month

Prorated Annual Fee

Security Deposit

Total Fee Payable

July $164.57 $500.00 $664.57
August $150.86 $500 $650.86
September $137.14 $500 $637.14
October $123.43 $500 $623.43
November $109.71 $500 $609.71
December $96.00 $500 $596.00
January $82.29 $500 $582.29
February $68.57 $500 $568.57
March $54.86 $500 $554.86
April $41.14 $500 $541.14
May $27.43 $500 $527.43
June $13.71 $500 $513.71