Non-subdivisional developments

Planning permit process

After submitting a planning application, council may submit the request to relevant ‘referral authorities’, which includes us.

We will assess the application and advise council of any conditions we believe need to be placed on the planning permit. Once all of the referral authorities have responded to the application, council will collate the conditions and issue a planning permit.

Conditions of development

A planning permit application may or may not be required, but generally a development should not proceed without consideration from us.

Non-subdivisional developments where you should contact us include:

  • Construction of a new building, for example, unit development.
  • An alteration to an existing development, for example, removal of a wall between two offices.
  • Extension of water and/or sewer mains.

Some of our conditions may be:

  • Ensure nothing is constructed over water and sewer assets or easements. Easements are created to protect our assets.
  • Trade Waste Agreement entered into. Any business discharging trade waste must have a Trade Waste Agreement.
  • Install a back-flow prevention device (commercial developments).

New customer contributions

New customer contributions recover part of the cost of constructing assets such as storages, pumping stations, treatment plants, water mains and outfall sewers.

These contributions apply to each additional lot created by subdivision, including body corporate, multi-unit and dual occupancy developments.

When a developer requests connection to our mains, we work with them to provide services to the development. The assets each party needs to provide are outlined in our New Customer Contributions Negotiation Framework - June 2013.

We provide:

  • Major treatment plants, headworks and outfall.

Developers provide:

  • The reticulation assets required to service their development and connect to our network
  • Shared assets with a contribution provided by us at practical completion of the works. The contribution is based on our infrastructure sequencing plan
  • Any works required to connect their development to our network temporarily whilst the long-term works are being completed.

See New Customer Contribution for further information.