Your safety at our sites

Keeping our community and team safe is our number one priority.

Our worksites can have a number of hazards like chemicals, high-voltage electrical equipment, large volumes of water, organic materials and other hazardous materials.

It is essential that everyone attending our sites, including our staff, has the correct licences/ qualifications and has completed the mandatory inductions and training to ensure their safety.

Entry to our sites without this training is dangerous.

Complete induction

Public access to our sites

Public access is not permitted at most of our sites.

There are signs so you know that access isn’t allowed.

Hunting and fishing is prohibited at all our sites.

Waste management sites

We look after a number of waste management sites across Gippsland.

Waste management sites can contain hazardous materials.

Our team is trained to work with these materials in a safe way.

Waste management sites include our wastewater treatment plants, Gippsland Regional Organics and Gippsland Regional Agribusiness. We have warning signs at these sites so you know where access isn’t allowed.

Access to land managed by us

We manage land and properties across our region for farming, organics recycling and environmental conservation purposes.

For your safety, we don’t permit public access to this land. This is also to protect the land and livestock from the risk of Foot and Mouth Disease.

Hunting and fishing is prohibited.