What your bill pays for

A breakdown of what your bill pays for

What your bills pay for

From fixing pipes to upgrading water meters and protecting our environment, there’s a lot that goes into delivering clean, safe drinking water and a reliable sewer service for our community.

We maintain a $1.5 billion water and sewerage network that includes 3,700km of pipelines, 147 pump stations, and 29 treatment plants. The fees and charges paid by 71,000 customers cover the cost of this service.

Water corporation tariffs are approved by the Essential Services Commission.

Your fees and charges cover the costs of:

  • Keeping water and wastewater services running 24 hours a day
  • Treating water to ensure it’s safe to drink.
  • Treating wastewater so it can be safely returned to the environment.
  • Building or renewing infrastructure to ensure it meets the growing needs of Gippsland.

Snaphot of how we spend the money

Here’s a snapshot of how we spend the money we receive through customer bills:

24% for water services, 31% for wastewater services, 6% for other costs, 39% for capital expenditure
A snapshot of what your bill pays for

Here's a detailed guide of our costs, based on costs for 2022-23:

Detailed infographic of the different costs for Gippsland Water between 2022-23.
Detailed costs for 2022-23