Renovations or extensions

If you’re planning a renovation such as extending your house, putting in a swimming pool or landscaping your garden, it’s important to locate any sewer or water assets on your property before you start. 

You’ll need to know the size, depth and offset so you can make sure you won’t damage any assets during your renovations. You can request plans by making a property service information request.

Below ground plumbing alterations

If your renovations require any below ground plumbing alterations please contact a licensed plumber.  Your plumber will need to apply for our consent to the alteration works (and supply us a siting plan of any new buildings or extensions). An alteration application can be submitted to us. Please refer to our connections information.

Alterations to water meter location

If your renovations or landscaping require any alterations to your water meter location please email us and include photos of the water meter location, reason for relocation and a plan showing where you would like it moved.

Things to consider

To ensure we're able to relocate your water meter to your preferred location we have created a list to help you consider the fees, and clearance requirements that may apply to your property:

  • Costs to relocate are at the owner’s expense. Your plumber is not permitted to undertake these works.
  • Moving your meter less than 1.0m to the left or right of the current location incurs a lower fee than moving your meter further away. (This option is not always available).
  • If the preferred new position is below ground level; a Water Corporation approved pit/box is required. Fees for the pit apply. (This option is not always available).
  • The new water meter position cannot be more than 1.5m from the front boundary line.
  • We will also consider the accessibility to our water main located (either) in your nature strip/frontage or opposite side of the road.
  • Plumbing costs to reconnect are in addition to our fees and privately sought.

Building over assets or easements

If you find that your renovations might be close to one of our assets you may need to apply to build over assets or easements.