Pressure sewer systems

Helpful information about pressure sewer systems

What is a pressure sewer system?

A pressure sewer system is an economical and environmentally-friendly way of collecting, transporting and disposing of wastewater from households used in some parts of Gippsland. In Loch Sport it is the only available sewer connection.

A pressure sewer system consists of a pump unit, connected to a network of pipes along with other pump units in your area. These pipes transfer wastewater to a wastewater treatment facility.

The system collects wastewater from your toilet, sink, shower, bath, dishwasher and washing machine.

Cost associated with connection to a pressure sewer system

For connection fees and to understand the process email us

Do you have (or are you getting) a pressure sewer system?

Applications for Pressure Sewer Systems can be submitted using the Water and Wastewater Connection Application form.

Information on the Loch Sport pressure sewer system is available.

For information about operating your pressure system, please view the homeowner's guide to pressure sewer systems.