How to apply

Recruitment process

The position description

The position description outlines the duties of the position and the selection criteria. The selection criteria is based on the qualifications, licences, skills and experience needed to undertake the role effectively.

Shortlisting applicants to interview

All applicants are advised by email that we have received their application. Shortlisting then takes place, which involves assessing the applications against the selection criteria and selecting the most suitable applicants to interview. The shortlisting and interview phase can take 2-3 weeks, so please do not be discouraged if you have not heard anything in this time.


Interviews will be conducted by a panel of three staff members, who will ask a series of questions relating to the selection criteria. We conduct behavioral-based interviews, which means that questions will ask for examples to demonstrate the applicant's ability in each specific area.

Police and Medical Checks

For some positions, shortlisted applicants will be required to undertake a pre-employment medical and/or a Police Check. We will cover the cost of these checks.

Reference checks

At least two reference checks are undertaken for the preferred candidates.

Offer of employment

The successful applicant will be offered the position verbally followed by a written offer.

Unsuccessful applicants

Interviewed applicants are notified by phone after the successful applicant has been appointed. All unsuccessful applicants are advised of the outcome of their application in writing.

How to apply

Cover letter

This letter should include your full name, address and contact daytime phone number and the title of the position you are applying for. It should also include why you are applying and why you believe your skills and experience are suited to the role.

Response to the selection criteria

Read the application requirements in the job advertisement to see if a response to the key selection criteria is required.

If the job you're applying for requires a response to key selection criteria, provide a brief statement on how you meet each of the selection criteria e.g. qualifications, knowledge, skills, abilities and work experience.

Remember to give examples of how you have had experience in these areas throughout your life.


An up-to-date resume which includes:

  • Education, qualifications and licenses;
  • employment history (with your most recent position first) detailing period of employment, position and responsibilities; and
  • at least two recent work-related references with daytime phone numbers.

If you want to attach any supporting material such as certificates/licence, please do not attach originals.

There are a variety of ways you can submit your application to us, including online.

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