Water rebates for non-profits

Information about water rebates for your non-profit organisation

Not-for-profit organisations can receive a rebate of up to $260 a year on fixed water and wastewater service charges.

Not-for-profit organisations involved in the following fields are eligible for rebates:

  • education
  • hospitals or nursing care
  • religious worship
  • charity
  • outdoor sporting or recreation activities
  • war veterans organisations.

The rebate applies to individual properties, so organisations with more than one site can have the rebate applied to each site.

Each property must be used mainly for one of the categories listed above. The organisation does not need to own the property to receive the rebate. The rebate can also be applied to individuals, if they are the owners of a property predominantly used by an eligible organisation.

A not-for-profit organisation uses its profits to promote its objectives and prohibits the payment of dividend or amount to its members.

Once deemed eligible, we'll apply the rebate each year. You do not need to re-apply. The organisation is responsible for notifying us if the primary activity on the property changes. We'll make periodic checks to ensure organisations receiving the rebate are still eligible.

Apply for a water and sewerage rebate online.