Information to assist plumbers

Connection applications, quotes and standards

For technical advice call the Victorian Building Authority on 1300 815 127 or a design/hydraulic consultant.

We can help you with connection applications, quotes, connection standards/requirements, the issuing of PIC consent numbers, and provide field notes of asset and connection locations.

Plumber's as laid sewer plans

Property drainage plans (as laid plans) are available for most properties in our service area connected to sewer mains.

These plans give details on the location of sewer drains within the property boundary, and are normally requested by plumbers fixing sewer blockages and for customers planning extensions/renovations.

These plans are available by sending an as laid plan application form to Casey Inspection Services.

We will issue the PIC and blank as constructed field note to the nominated plumber. The nominated plumber is required to submit the completed field note within 5 business days to our service provider via email or via mail to 4 Florence St Burwood VIC 3125.

The Meter and Fire Service Installation Requirements document (below) details our tapping, property service installation, excavation and meter assembly requirements.

Sewer blockages

We have clear guidelines regarding responsibility related to sewer blockages in property connections and our assets.

If a plumber attends a blocked sewer and believes the blockage is in our asset, they must contact us on FREECALL 1800 057 057 to report it.