Financial sponsorship

We're proud to offer financial sponsorship opportunities to community organisations. 

Sponsorship proposals should include details about the initiative, event or activity for which sponsorship is sought and how you'll acknowledge our contribution. 

Initiatives, events or activities should contribute to our local communities by:

  • Supporting vulnerable community members
  • Supporting community members experiencing financial difficulty
  • The health and environmental benefits of drinking tap water
  • Being smart with your water use
  • Recycling waste for a better environment
  • Renewable energy
  • Adapting to a changing climate
  • Protecting local flora and fauna

We can sponsor organisations, not-for-profits, or groups that are incorporated bodies or operate from a trust account. Not all sponsorship requests that meet our criteria are approved.

To see if you’re eligible for sponsorship and the criteria we look for when deciding to support an event or initiative, view our sponsorship policy

Financial sponsorship application form

To apply for financial sponsorship, please complete the form below.
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