Businesses saving water

Helping your business save water

Water Management Action Plan (waterMAP)

The water management action plan (waterMAP) program was developed by the State Government. Industrial and commercial businesses who use more than 5 million litres of treated water each year are encouraged to develop a waterMAP with their local water corporation, to demonstrate how they will use water more efficiently in the future.

The program identifies how a customer currently uses its water, opportunities for saving water on site, actions to implement water conservation measures, and costs to implement those actions.

WaterMAP customers across the State have saved approximately 22 billion litres of water since the program’s inception in 2007.

Environment and Resource Efficiency Plan (EREP)

EPA Victoria (Environment Protection Authority) has developed the Environment and Resource Efficiency Plan. This program supports investigations or feasibility studies focused on reducing the use of drinking water and energy in industrial processes. The business opportunities presented through EPA projects will assist your company to achieve environmental benefits and direct cost savings in a short time frame.