Do you use water wisely?

Help save Gippsland's water.

We use water for everything, but do you use water wisely? There are a few ways you can check how much water you use. 

On your bill

You can see how much water you've used compared to previous months and the same time last year simply by looking at the graph that appears on your bill. 

Example of an usage chart from bill
Example of water usage chart from bill

How does your usage compare?

Compare your usage to the average and goal Victorian household water usage below.

Source: Smart Water Advice, The Water Conservancy
No. of household

Average usage (kL) Goal usage (kL)
2 people 0.313 0.256
4 people 0.539 0.464

Water use calculator

The Water Conservancy’s Home Water Calculator allows you to go through each area of your property and calculate your water use. The tool compares your use against the average use in your area. It will also give you a goal to meet to reduce your water use.