Heyfield to Coongulla interconnect water main project

Securing Coongulla and Glenmaggie's water supply


Coongulla and Glenmaggie’s water supply by installing a pipeline to connect the townships to Heyfield’s water system. 

Watch Jared, project Engineer, give a summary of the project (August 2022)


Update - August 2022

Construction of the 11km pipeline between our Heyfield water treatment plant and the Coongulla water basin is complete. Construction of the new 22KW pump station at the treatment plant is also complete and the pipeline has begun full operation. The residents of Coongulla are now receiving a reliable high quality water supply from our Heyfield treatment plant.

Update - April 2022:

We're making great progress! We have so far laid 9km of the 11km pipeline. We’re currently working at the Heyfield water treatment, within Glenmaggie Weir Reserve and along Ryans Rd. We are now approaching the Coongulla township. The pipeline is on track to be completed and in operation this summer.

Aerial map with a read line showing where the pipe was layed
Aerial map showing where the pipe was layed

More information

This $6 million project secures Coongulla and Glenmaggie’s water supply, and will result in a more reliable service to the towns.

Coongulla and Glenmaggie residents’ water was previously sourced from Lake Glenmaggie, treated at the Coongulla water treatment plant and distributed to customers from the Coongulla clear water basin.

Lake Glenmaggie has proven to be an unreliable water source. It reached such low levels that we needed to truck water into Coongulla from Heyfield on five occasions in the past 15 years. This most recently happened in 2019, when we trucked water in for four months, with up to 18 deliveries made a day at a cost of up to $8,000 per day.

As the Coongulla water treatment plant aged, we took the opportunity to undertake an extensive review on whether to upgrade the plant or invest in other options for supplying the town. We found that installing a pipeline from Heyfield was the most cost-effective and most environmentally-friendly way to deliver a reliable supply of high quality water to our Coongulla and Glenmaggie customers.

The Heyfield community’s water is treated at the Heyfield water treatment plant and sourced from the Thomson River, which has proven to be a more reliable water supply. There is ample capacity within this system to supply Glenmaggie and Coongulla through this pipeline.

The constructed pipeline will run from Heyfield water treatment plant on Angle Channel Road, along road reserves beside Weir Road and Ryans Road through Southern Rural Water land and easements until it connects to the Coongulla treated water basin.

If you have any questions or would like more information about this project, email contactus@gippswater.com.au or call 1800 050 500.