Property transfers

Information statements, property acquisitions and dispositions

Information Statements

When buying or selling a property your solicitor or conveyancer may apply for an Information Statement. An Information Statement will detail any rates and charges, as well as any encumbrances on the property.

An information statement provides:

  • Details of rates and encumbrances related to the property.
  • A financial statement detailing outstanding monies owed on the property.
  • Any indemnity or agreement required by us with regards to the property.
  • A special meter reading when required. If a settlement date is supplied, a special meter reading will be taken on that date to establish water usage since the last billed meter reading.

Information statements are provided to solicitors and conveyancers.

A property enquiry application form must be completed, listing all the details of the sale, including:

  • Address of the property being sold
  • Title details, including a copy of title or plan of subdivision
  • Names of the vendor(s) and purchaser(s)
  • Settlement date

Apply for an Information Statement

Information Statements can be requested from Landata via the link below. 

Apply now

Applications for an Information Statement can also be sent to

Change of ownership

When a property is sold it is the solicitor or conveyancers responsibility to provide us with a notice of disposition (for vendor) or a notice of acquisition (for purchaser) to allow our property ownership records to be updated.

We require a notice of acquisition or disposition within 10 days of settlement to ensure change of ownership occurs when the property is transferred.

The information provided should include:

  • Settlement date
  • Address of the property being sold
  • Title details
  • Names of the vendor(s) and purchaser(s)
  • Date of birth of the purchaser(s)
  • Forwarding addresses for vendor(s) and/or purchaser(s) if no other address information has been provided.

Conveyancers and solicitors can send notices of disposition (sold property) or notices of acquisition (bought property) via:

Solicitor Updates Online

The Solicitor Updates Online tool allows for Information Statement updates to be generated, solicitors and conveyancers can access up-to-date property financials in an easy and convenient way.

To access the Solicitor Updates Online tool please click the link below:

Solicitor Updates Online