Backing onto our wastewater treatment plant in Rawson, this biodiversity management site is in the heart of Gippsland's Mountain Rivers Region.
Rawson biodiversity management site.
Our Rawson biodiversity management site.

The 3.75ha biodiversity site in Rawson backs onto our wastewater treatment plant and is significant wet forest habitat.

Characterised by tall eucalypts and dense tree-fern gullies, the forest around this area of Victoria is some of the tallest and most carbon-dense in the world. It is home to iconic native species such as the powerful owl, southern greater glider and spotted-tailed quoll.

Our planned work over the next 10 years to conserve and improve the site as part of a formal agreement, includes:

  • Eradication of weeds including blackberry (rubus fruticosus) and sweet pittosporum (pittosporum undulatum).
  • Control of pest animals including deer, foxes and rabbits.