Fresh website powered by customer feedback

Man sits at bench talking on phone with computer in front of him.
Gippsland Water’s new website is easy to use and keeps customers up to date on important information.

The new and improved Gippsland Water website is now live, making accessibility and navigation easier for customers.  

The website’s design was informed through extensive customer engagement, including website testing and the opportunity to provide feedback.    

Managing director Sarah Cumming said a group of customers from the organisation’s Customer Sounding Board were involved in the consultation process.  

“Our customers told us they wanted a website that was easy to use and kept them up to date with the information most important to them,” Ms Cumming said.   

“Throughout the design process customers tested the website for functionality, accessibility, and navigation to ensure it was user friendly.  

“The feedback received played a big role in the design of our new homepage, which features quick links to bill payments, an outage tracker and our financial assistance page, as well as updates about current and upcoming outages.”  

“Our live outage tracker is now easier to find and use and so is information about our planned works,” Ms Cumming said.  

“The website also has a more modern and clean design throughout.”  

To access Gippsland Water’s website, visit  

To provide feedback on the new website, visit