Keep wipes out of pipes!

A fatberg recently removed from a clogged pipe at one of Gippsland Water’s sites.

Gippsland Water is reminding customers to be careful about what they flush down toilets and pour down sinks.

The message follows a recent influx in clogged pipes and sewer infrastructure.

Managing director Sarah Cumming said the blockages were caused by a combination of foreign materials and fats entering the sewer network.

“Items like wipes, tissues and paper towel should never be flushed,” Ms Cumming said.

“Anything other than toilet paper can block household pipes and the sewer system – toilet paper is the only material that breaks down.

Ms Cumming also cautioned against tipping food scraps, fat and oil down sinks and toilets.

“Fats and oils can bind with foreign materials like wipes, sometimes resulting in large sewer blockages commonly known as fatbergs.  

“It’s important to know that these sorts of blockages can have serious consequences for customers, including spills on private property.”

Ms Cumming said Gippsland Water spends around $200,000 each year fixing blocked sewer pipes.

“It can take several hours or days to dislodge blockages or clean up spills, which can also impact local waterways and pose risk to the wider community.”

“We would much rather be using those funds to upgrade assets and provide services to the community and our customers.

For more information about what you can and can’t flush visit,