New water conservation campaign launched

Two people hand watering garden.

Gippsland Water is encouraging customers to take a responsible approach to water use through its new ‘Reduce your use’ campaign.  

Managing director Sarah Cumming said although local water storages are in good condition at the end of summer, water is still a finite resource and should be used wisely. 

“Water conservation is everyone’s responsibility and as the population grows, so does the demand for water – every drop counts,” Ms Cumming said. 

“Using water responsibly is not only better for the environment but can also help save money on bills.”  

Ms Cumming said some of the best ways to save water were easy to do and cost effective. 

“You can easily save water by using the half flush on the toilet, planting native and drought resistant plants, avoiding watering your garden when rain is forecast, and waiting until your dishwasher is full to run a cycle.  

“You can also consider buying water-saving appliances, and get leaky taps fixed as soon as possible. 

“We also offer a showerhead exchange and a trigger nozzle program to help our customers save water at home.”

Other resources available on Gippsland Water’s website include water saving activities for children, a guide on permanent water saving rules and more tips to save water at home.  

‘Reduce your use’ is one of four new annual community education campaigns to be delivered as part of Gippsland Water’s 2023-28 Price Submission.  

To access water saving resources and learn more about permanent water saving rules visit