Wellington Mint-bush thriving at Dutson Downs

Purple flowers

Gippsland Water’s Wellington Mint-bush (Prostanthera galbraithiae) population is in full bloom at its Dutson Downs property.

The endangered plant’s colony of purple flowers are thriving, bursting out of their protective enclosures.

Surveys are underway to gauge the exact number of healthy mint bushes, but results are expected to be positive.

In 2018 seeds from other populations on the property were propagated and planted as part of a state government-funded conservation project, bolstering the vulnerable species’ presence in the area.  The Victorian Government’s Biodiversity Response Planning program funded herbivore and predator control at the property.

The Wellington Mint-bush is only found in Gippsland.

Fire is an essential part of the plant’s life cycle, which typically begins to decline in vigour after about 10 years.

Future ecological burning is planned to help the parent population regenerate as most of the plants are now aging and declining in number.

These successfully re-located populations provide the species greater security while ecological burning and natural regeneration of the parent population is underway.

The Wellington Mint-bush is one of several threatened species under conservation at Gippsland Water sites, with the Pookila and Metallic Sun-orchid also protected at Dutson Downs.

To learn more about the Wellington Mint-bush visit: www.gippswater.com.au/wellington-mint-bush