Choose to reuse

Cartoon image of a reusable water with text choose to reuse.
Choose to reuse and keep Gippsland beautiful

Our tap water is some of the best in the world.

Help keep Gippsland beautiful by remembering your reusable bottle or cup when you’re out and about.

We have water fountains located in popular spots around our service area to help you stay hydrated. To find out where you can fill up, see water fountain locations

Plastic bottles are among the 10 most common items picked up on Clean up Australia Day. Even though plastic water bottles are recyclable, most of them end up in landfill. Less than 20% of plastic gets recycled in Australia. They can stay in the environment for thousands of years.


It takes a lot of resources to make a single use water bottle.

Can you believe it takes about 3L of water and 1L of oil to produce 1L of bottled water?

Drink Gippy Tap and protect our beautiful environment.