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See below for more works happening in your area.

Here, you’ll find updates on current improvement works. You can see our ongoing works and major projects here.

If you are experiencing problems with your service or suspect a leak, even if it's on public land, contact us so we can look into the issue.

You can also phone this number if you see suspicious behaviour around our treatment plants, water storage or other property.

Current works (Monday 21 June - Sunday 27 June)

Gravity sewer main construction, Warragul.

We are working to replace an ageing sewer pump station in Hamilton Drive, Warragul with a new gravity main. Read more about the project.

Boring under Princes Way and the railway is continuing with installation of the pipe to follow.

Temporary traffic control measures may be put in place at different times, so please continue to take care around Highvale Rise.

Sale outfall sewer pump station construction.
Commissioning is underway with minor works still to be undertaken. Read more about the project.

Drouin wastewater treatment plant upgrade.
Equipment continues to arrive and be installed on site. Read more about the project.

Sewer rising main construction, Carpenter Street, Maffra.

Construction continues in Glassford Street. Please take note of changed traffic conditions.

Regional Outfall System (ROS) upgrade at Marshalls Road, Traralgon
Construction works continue on the ROS pipeline.

Moe water treatment plant, second water storage basin construction
A new 25 megalitre water storage basin will be constructed at the site, to hold treated water to supply residents in Moe, Newborough and surrounding areas. The current basin is close to capacity and can't sustain long-term growth. Read more about the project.

Chemical dosing and building works have started. These works are expected to continue until the end of the year and will involve the replacement of treatment plant dosing systems and a building upgrade to accommodate this.

Northways basin underdrain construction, Churchill

Construction works on the new basin underdrain and embankment extension are continuing on schedule.

Sewer main cleaning

We'll be carrying out sewer main cleaning in the following streets this week:

  • Newborough
    - Avon Crt
    - Tasman St, 1-11, 2-10
    - March St, 2-10
    - Law St, 5-13
    - Eastleigh Crt, 2-4, 3-5
    - Monash Rd, 35-47
    - Chamberlain Rd, 30-32
    - Southwell Ave, 1-5, 20-80
    - Barton St, 2-10
    - Tresswell Ave, 1-25, 2-22
    - Old Sale Rd, 235-305, 228-298
    - Newark Ave, 20-72,11-63
    - Trent St, 1-23
    - Newstead St, 1-25, 2-18
    - Thoresby St, 1-29, 2-30
    - Retford St, 1-33, 2-34
    - Stearman St, 1-23, 2-18
    - Tuxford St, 1-17, 2-12
    - Malnham St, 1-7, 2-14
    - Northern Ave, 17-65, 2-66
    - Blyth Crt, 1-5,2-6,

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