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Major projects

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Gippsland Water invests heavily in infrastructure to allow for the growth of the region.

Major Projects

Gippsland Water continues to invest in infrastructure projects that will deliver water security and allow for the future growth of our region.

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Drouin Wastewater Treatment Plant

Planned completion date: 2022

To meet the needs of Drouin’s population now and into the future, we are planning to upgrade the town’s wastewater treatment plant.

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Warragul - Moe Water Supply Interconnect - Stage 2 – Darnum to Warragul

Planned completion date: June 2019

This project is the second and final stage of a project aimed to address the water resource shortfall in the Tarago system, as outlined in Gippsland Water’s 2012 Water Supply Demand Strategy. Upon completion, the project will enable transfer of water from the Moe system to Warragul, freeing up existing water in Blue Rock for supply to Warragul. The final stage, which will involve a pipeline from Darnum to Warragul, will improve water supply security for Gippsland Water customers in Trafalgar, Yarragon and Gippsland Water’s major customers in Moe and Warragul. It will also provide operational security and flexibility to transfer water in both directions between the Moe and Tarago systems in the event of supply shortfall and water quality events.


Sale outfall sewer pump station

Planned completion date: 2021 Budget: $11.4 million

The current sewer pump station near the Port of Sale is too small to cater for the growth of the town and has had some odour issues. By 2020, we plan to build a much larger pump station nearby with better odour control systems.

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Water Reticulation System Renewals Program

Planned completion date: June 2018

This program is a multi-year program of works to replace existing water reticulation assets that pose a potential risk to the quality or supply of water to Gippsland Water customers.Works undertaken on this program aims to ensure Gippsland Water meets its charter to customers and Key Performance Indicators agreed to by the Essential Services Commission, in terms of number of unplanned water supply disruptions, water quality, and minimum supply pressure and flow rate.


Sewer Reticulation Upgrades

Planned completion date: June 2018

This program is a multi-year program of works to rehabilitate existing sewer reticulation assets to address issues that may affect Gippsland Water’s ability to meet its levels of service detailed within the Customer Charter and ESC defined KPIs. Works undertaken on this program will benefit Gippsland Water’s customers with fewer overflow and blockage problems and also cater for increased flows and thus opportunities for urban development.

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Mirboo North rising main replacement

Planned completion date: June 2023

Mirboo North's water is delivered through a pipe that was built over 70 years ago. We plan to replace it by 2023.

The existing water main runs along and under the Strzelecki Highway which causes disruptions to traffic whenever maintenance or repair work is needed. It's also a significant hazard to Gippsland Water staff.

The exact alignment of the new rising main is yet to be determined. We are committed to keeping the community informed throughout the planning process.

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Breed Street Sewer Pipeline

Planned completion date: June 2020

We’re planning to construct a new sewer main to improve the flow of wastewater in central Traralgon. The new pipe will connect to the existing sewer pump station in Breed Street and allow us to pump wastewater more efficiently. This new rising main is the first stage of a long term project to improve the capacity of Traralgon’s sewer network.

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Gippsland Water supplies fresh clean drinking water to more than 69,000 customers, and wastewater services to more than 62,000 customers across an area of more than 5,000 square kilometres. It maintains a $1 billion infrastructure network, which includes more than 2,000 kilometres of water mains, 15 water treatment plants, over 1,700 kilometres of sewer mains and 14 wastewater treatment plants.

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Choose Tap

Choose Tap aims to promote the benefits of drinking tap water as part of a healthy lifestyle and as an alternative to bottled water.

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