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We’re committed to building a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace culture. Embracing diversity leads to a better understanding of, and engagement with, the people we work with and the communities in which we work.

Creating an environment that encourages everyone to fully contribute and to realise their full potential is part of what makes Gippsland Water a great place to work.

We aim to be as diverse and vibrant as the community we serve, embracing different perspectives and supporting all our people to achieve fulfilling careers and lives.

Read the profiles below of current team members to get a taste of our culture.

Beverley (Bev) - Land Development Officer

Bev started with us in 1996. Since then, she has worked in customer service, property information, our service centre, and property connections. Now, her primary role is to work closely with our major customers.

Bev says: “I love working for Gippsland Water. We have so many opportunities to learn new skills in new roles all while working for the same organisation. We are like one big family, and I’ve made many life-long friends in my years here.”

Carlo – Field Operations Coordinator

Carlo celebrated 40 years working with us in April 2020. He started off as a handyman, which we now call a Multi Skilled Operator. In his current job as a supervisor, he loves being outdoors three quarters of the time.

Carlo says “it’s been a terrific journey for me. I never really wanted to go anywhere else once I got this job. They’ve looked after me all these years. They provide you with everything and they look after you like a family”.

Claire - Soil and Organics Recycling Facility (SORF) Business Coordinator

Claire has been with us since 2008, mostly working at our SORF near Golden Beach. In her diverse role, Claire coordinates business administration and customer relations, supports management with finance, manages contracts, and more.

Claire says: “Gippsland Water has been very supportive of ensuring I can maintain a healthy work-life balance, and has been willing to be adaptable to my working conditions since becoming a mother in 2016. This made returning to work from maternity leave that much easier.”

Danielle - Change Management Lead

Danielle started with us in 2000 as a trainee after finishing year 12.

Over the years, she’s worked in accounts, billing, and our call centre. These days she job shares as our Change Management Lead. In her role, she focuses on working with our people through change management for our organisation’s change initiatives. Danielle also facilitates our innovation program.

Danielle says: “I’m extremely grateful for the vast range of training and development opportunities and flexible working arrangements given to me over the years. These opportunities have allowed me to experience different roles throughout the years which has shaped my career to be what it is today.”

Dion - Senior Water Treatment Technician

Dion has been with us since 2007. In 2020 he was awarded the Water Industry Operators Association’s Wall Whiteside Operator of the Year.

Dion played a key role in our water treatment trainee program, mentoring new team members and sharing his skills and knowledge. He’s also championed many improvements right across our water treatment processes.

Dion says: “It’s a pleasure to work with some very talented Operations staff and have the opportunity to share your experience and see people do well”.

Hayden – Asset Information Officer

Hayden didn’t expect a day’s placement through our Job Shadow Day program would lead to working full time with us two years ago.

Hayden’s a neuroscience graduate and now works in our Asset Management team.

He says “I’ve made a few documents and databases that have been needed, and it feels good when they appreciate the work you do.”

Marissa – Senior Safety Coordinator

Marissa has been with us since 2010, and focuses on making sure we meet our obligations to provide a safe and healthy workplace. Her work ensures that whatever the task at hand, it’s the safety of our people that matters the most, so that we can go home safely each day.

Marissa is also a volunteer for Forever Friends Animal Rescue Latrobe, actively volunteering for more than six years and, in that time, providing foster care to more than 50 cats and kittens. She helps make sure kittens like Vader are safe and healthy while they wait on a new, loving, permanent home. We couldn’t be more proud to work with such caring individuals who also help us create a safe and healthy workplace for our people.

Michael – Gippsland Water Factory Operator

Michael has been with us since 2016, starting out as an Apprenticeships Group Australia trainee at the Gippsland Water Factory.

Now, he’s a Senior Operator at the Gippsland Water Factory, and loves the flexibility and variety that comes with working with us.

In 2020 Michael won the Water Industry Operators Association’s Young Operator of the Year based on his outstanding commitment to health and safety, great teamwork, and problem solving abilities. He says: “I love that I’m encouraged to treat the challenges I come across as opportunities rather than obstacles. This helps to keep my job interesting and engaging.”

Scott – Wastewater Treatment Operator

Scott started with us in 2018. As a wastewater operator, he has worked at all of our wastewater treatment facilities. His focus is to ensure our treated wastewater looks good and is safe to release to the environment.

Scott won the Water Industry Operators Association of Australia Problem Accepted Solution Supplied (WIOA PASS) award in 2020.

He says: “It’s amazing what you can achieve when you are supported and encouraged to explore new ideas. Working in a safety-conscious environment gives you the peace of mind you’re going home to your family at the end of the day.”

Tarlee - Project Management Lead

Tarlee has been with us since 2009. In her time here, she’s worked as a Customer Relations Officer, Compliance Officer, and a Crisis Management Lead. She’s now our Project Management Lead and is committed to leading the continuous development and improvement of project management across our organisation.

She says: “Gippsland Water has always provided me with the support and mentoring that I need to be successful in my roles, especially while being on maternity leave twice. I feel empowered to try new ideas and be innovative in my thinking. The work life balance they offer works perfectly for my young family, and I look forward to what the future holds for me at Gippsland Water.”

Toby – Water Quality Technical Officer

Toby has been with us since January 2004. He handles everything from inspecting all of our drinking water storages to post treatment disinfection and water quality testing to ensure our water complies with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG).

Toby also won the Water Industry Operators Association of Australia Problem Accepted Solution Supplied (WIOA PASS) award in 2019.

He says “Gippsland Water is a great employer who empower its people to try innovative solutions for age old problems.”

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