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Location of assets

We can provide the following information regarding a property’s water or sewerage.

  • asset location plans – these show the location of our sewer and water mains.
  • field note plans – these plans include size, depth and offset information for Gippsland Water’s water and sewer mains, sewer connection points or buried water service (if available).

We do not provide information on stormwater – refer these enquiries to your council.

Use the Information Request Form if you want any of the above information, not including the last dot point. Please circle your request type on the information request form (you can request water and sewer information on the same form).

If you require the above information please submit a Property Servicing Information Request form.

For information regarding internal property sewer plans please submit an ‘Application for Property Sewer Plans’ to Gippsland Water’s service Provider CIS Services via the below link.

Water pressure and flow information

Gippsland Water can provide the water pressure and flow information of our assets. Please submit ‘Application for Pressures and Flows Information For Private Fire Services.’

Applicant & Property Details
Property owners details

Address of works being proposed:

Postal Address
Application Type
Property service information request

Property Type:

Please attach any documents to verify address:

Gippsland Water will provide you with an asset location plan; a water field note and a sewer field note where this information is available. If the information requested is for a subdivision then as constructed engineering plans will be provided.

Please note that Gippsland Water is not able to provide asset location plans and field notes where Practical Completion and/or Compliance has not been granted for a subdivision.

In providing the asset location plan(s) the following clearances are required in accordance with The Water Act 1989 – Section 148.

For Water: No structure (with the exception of a driveway crossover) is permitted over a water main. Crossovers are not permitted over the tapping band/ferrule (where the property service pipe meets the water main). Water meters are only permitted in a trafficable pit in a driveway where the water main and ferrule are located on the opposite side of the road.

For Sewer: All structures (above and below ground) are required to maintain a minimum 1 metre clearance from the outside edge of any above and/or below ground sewer asset (sewer main, property connection point, manhole etc.).

Water and Wastewater/Connection Applications: Please ensure that the connection points (which will be provided in response to this application) are shown (including measurements to all nearby proposed structures) on any site plans submitted to Gippsland Water for Water and Wastewater Connections Applications.

Pressure and flows information request

Property Type:

If plans are available, please provide a copy of the detailed site plan. If applicable, also include a hydraulic plan.

Payment method

Application Fee is $176.38

Please note:
For credit card payments, a member of the Gippsland Water Property Connections team will contact you to complete payment

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