Upgrade to Dawson Street pump station in Sale

Allowing for future growth


This project is upgrading the existing Sale number 2 wastewater pump station in Dawson Street, Sale.

Urban growth has meant the existing station is no longer suited to the expected demands of this developing area of Sale. The pump station was installed in 1974 and major components needed replacing. This project will increase the capacity of the pump station and allow greater flexibility for site operation and maintenance. The existing odour unit will also be upgraded, ensuring continued environmental compliance. When complete the project will allow for projected growth in the north of Sale for the next 25 years.

Update June 2023

Construction was completed and the pump station put into service in May 2023.

Update - April 2023

Our Dawson St pump station upgrade is progressing well with the wet well lid and valve pit lids installed recently. The wet well is more than 6 metres deep and has a capacity of over 80,000 litres of wastewater. This project is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

The well at Dawson Street pump station from above
The pit at the Dawson Street pump station
Graduate Engineer, Michael Dinh, provides and update (August 2022)

Fast facts

This project is upgrading the existing wastewater pump station in Dawson Street to provide for future urban growth and continue to meet modern safety and environmental standards.

Location: Dawson Street, Sale

Timing: Commenced 2022, completion 2023

Expected cost: $4.5 million

More information

The upgraded pump station will benefit customers by:

  • Increasing capacity to allow for urban growth in this area of Sale. The project will allow for the growth projected in the Wellington Shire Council North Sale Development Plan
  • Providing environmental benefits through improved odour control
  • Maintaining reliability into the future.

This a small urban site. We are actively working to minimise environmental disruption as we carry out these works. Our contractors will work within a construction environmental management plan to manage environmental risks and reduce impacts for surrounding residents. Construction times will generally be restricted to avoid after hours work. Upgraded odour control equipment installed as part of the project will provide long term environmental benefits.

We have consulted with relevant authorities and stakeholders:

  • Prior consultation with Wellington Shire Council and other relevant authorities has taken place
  • Local schools and shops have been informed of the proposed works

For the safety of public transport users, a nearby bus stop is being temporarily relocated in consultation with Public Transport Victoria. We also welcome direct comments and enquiries from the community at any time.

Construction from August 2022

Completion in late 2023

For more information, email contactus@gippswater.com.au or call 1800 050 500.