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Permanent water saving rules

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Permanent water saving rules are in place throughout Victoria to reduce demand and make sure we use water efficiently.

The rules have been in place since November 2011 and involve simple things everyone can do to avoid wasting water.

The permanent water saving rules are the same throughout Victoria and are included in each water corporation’s permanent water saving plan.

During periods of drought, we may still need to introduce water restrictions. But with these rules permanently in place, everyone is helping use water more efficiently.

Hand-held hose

Water from a hand-held hose must not be used for any purpose (whether or not the use is subject to a permanent water saving rule) at any time unless the hose is:

· Fitted with a trigger nozzle; and

· Leak-free.

Residential or commercial gardens and lawns

A residential or commercial garden or lawn cannot be watered except with:

· A hand-held hose, bucket or watering can at any time; or

· A watering system between the hours of 6 pm – 10 am on any day

Public gardens and lawns and playing surfaces

A public garden or lawn area or a playing surface cannot be watered except:

· With a hand-held hose, bucket or watering can at any time; or

· With a watering system fitted with a rain or soil moisture sensor between the hours of 6 pm – 10 am on any day.

Fountains and water features

Water cannot be used in a fountain or a water feature unless the fountain or water feature recirculates the water.

Cleaning of hard surfaces

Water cannot be used to clean hard surfaces (including, driveways, paths, concrete, tiles, timber decking), except:

· Where cleaning is required as a result of an accident, fire, health hazard, safety hazard or other emergency; or

· If staining to the surface has developed, and then only once a season; or

· In the course of construction or renovation,

And then, only by means of:

· A high pressure water cleaning device; or

· If such a device is not available, a hand-held hose or a bucket.

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