Renewing the ROS

Renewing one of our most critical assets


The Regional Outfall System (ROS) was commissioned in 1957 and comprises 44km of pipeline and 40km of channel. The ROS is one of our most critical assets, conveying on average around 35 ML of treated wastewater daily from the Gippsland Water Factory to our outfall at Dutson Downs.

A condition assessment of the pipeline has identified that a 600m section between Tyers Road and Cross’s Road in Traralgon needs replacing to prevent future problems and protect local properties and the environment. The entire section is underground.

Photo of Cross's Road Traralgon
Cross's Road in Traralgon

Fast facts

We’re replacing a 600m section of the Regional Outfall System pipeline.

Location: The section to be replaced runs between Tyers Rd and Cross’s Rd in Traralgon

Timing: Construction commences 2023-24

More details

Customer benefits

The project will:

  • Reduce operational cost to maintain an ageing asset
  • Reduce environmental risks
  • Improve the reliability and ensures ongoing operation of the ROS.

Environment and heritage

A risk assessment was undertaken for native vegetation and cultural heritage within the proposed works area. As this area is a built up residential area, there were no cultural heritage or native vegetation issues identified.

Consultation and engagement

We have engaged with residents and stakeholders while planning for this work, including consulting property owners along the pipe route

Project timing

2021-22 and 2022-23

  • Planning and design


  • Construction


  • Decommissioning of the old pipe

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